provide pro‧vide [prəˈvaɪd] verb [transitive]
1. to give someone what they need, or to make sure they get it:

• The World Bank is providing funding for the project.

provide somebody with something

• Our computerised information service can provide busy managers with all the information they need.

• The deal will provide Rolls-Royce with work for the next five years.

provide something for/​to somebody

• The agreement provided guarantees for union members when layoffs are considered.

2. to produce a useful result, opportunity etc:

• We are hoping the enquiry will provide an explanation for the accident.

3. provide that formal LAW if a law or rule provides that something must happen, it states that it must happen:

• The Companies Act provides that the consent of shareholders is required for the sale of assets valued at £100,000 or more to a director of the company.

provide against something phrasal verb [transitive] formal
to make plans in order to deal with something that might happen:

• Health insurance can provide against loss of income through illness or accident.

provide for somebody/​something phrasal verb [transitive]
1. to give someone the things they need, such as money, food etc:

• Without work, how can I provide for my children?

• There will be an increasing number of retired and elderly people to be provided for by a progressively smaller number of workers.

2. formal to make plans in order to deal with something that might happen in the future:

• The calculations must provide for the increase in inflation.

3. LAW if a law, contract, rule etc provides for something, it makes doing that thing possible:

• Recent legislation provides for a tribunal to hear the complainant's case.

• The new contract provides for the purchase of 25 systems over four years.

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provide UK US /prəʊˈvaɪd/ US  /prəˈvaɪd/ verb [T]
to give something to a person, company, or organization, or to make it available for them to use: »

The government has pledged to provide over $1 billion in refinancing.

provide sb with sth »

Customers, suppliers, and contractors will be provided with the specialist training they need to work on the project.

provide sth for sb/sth »

The enhanced cashflow will also provide funds for expansion into television.

provide sth to sb »

Our digital imaging centre provides a 3D scanning service to a wide range of customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

be provided by sb/sth »

According to Census data provided by the state Department of Labor and Industry, Hispanic workers constitute about 3% of the work force.

to produce something useful that can be used as part of a process or activity: »

A well-established management process should provide a framework for the integration of all business units and operations.


It is hoped that the proposed 10-day sales-tax holiday will provide a boost to retail sales.


provide an opportunity/advantage/basis

provided that — Cf. provided that
provide that — Cf. provide that

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